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This website is about downs and ups, rejection and selection, failures, setbacks and ultimate personal victories.  It features student, faculty, staff, and alumni stories of failures and successes.  It shares the stories we want to tell, those we have kept hidden, and those we tell to help others and ourselves.  We invite you to explore, watch, listen and participate on this site.  Share it. Come back often.


This website is the product of collaboration among individuals who came together with the common goal of creating a site to foster resilience and encourage honest conversations.  Its vibrant color is a blending of Penn’s red and blue, highlighting both the spectrum and the unity of our experiences.



PennFaces Student Advisory Board

Wendy Zhou

As the PennFaces Fellow, Wendy coordinates the PennFaces Resilience Project and curates its platform in collaboration with the PennFaces Student Advisory Board. She is currently a senior majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) and minoring in Consumer Psychology and Fine Arts. Serving on the executive board of Penn Benjamins for the past three years, Wendy has always been passionate about cultivating an open forum on campus to discuss mental wellness and is excited to help foster resilience through PennFaces. 


Matthew Lee, RN

Matthew is passionate about how our interactions with the communities we belong to on and offline can shape our mental and physical well-being. Consequently, his work as a Hillman Scholar in Nursing Innovation focuses both on communities and on creating a human-centered approach to healthcare innovation. Aside from his academic work, Matthew serves as Mental Health Deputy for the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, advocating for the unique concerns of graduate students on campus, building partnerships between graduate and undergraduate communities, and working to ensure everyone at Penn has access to help when they need it.



Victoria Meeks

Victoria is a senior in the College, majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations and minoring in Linguistics. She is a proud member of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, where she serves as the Marketing Chair. She takes pride in promoting the only pre-law fraternity on Penn's campus. She is a firm supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, advocating for justice on the behalf of African-Americans and speaking out against systematic racism. After graduation, Victoria seeks to pursue a career in education policy, improving equity and evidence-based policies in Higher Education. However, during her last semester at Penn, she looks forward to becoming more involved with Penn Wellness and the conversation around mental health on campus. By doing so, she is currently serving on the OLR Student Advisory Board and PennFaces Student Advisory Board, and she is excited about utilizing these platforms to empower and support Penn students.

Anthony Scarpone-Lambert

Anthony is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a degree in Nursing. Besides from being a board member of the PennFaces Resilience Project, Anthony is a tour guide through Kite and Key, a member of the Administrative Planning committee for the 1vyG Conference and the Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club, a participant of Penn's Club Gymnastics team, a member of Disney Acapella, and an associate member on the Undergraduate Assembly. Anthony is very excited to be serving on this board and hopes to inspire others to feel open about rejection and failure. 


Vaishnavi Sharma

Vaish is a sophomore studying BBB and Economics in the college. She is involved in the Penn Wellness community and aspires to create positive and supportive change in the student body culture. In her free time, Vaish enjoys dancing and binging on Grey’s Anatomy. She is always willing to listen to and support other students, so feel free to reach out!