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What are the different ways in which I can share my story on the site?


You can share your story on the site in a variety of ways. You can submit written work either by responding to the weekly prompt, or by writing about whatever is on your mind and submitting it through the link to the right of the weekly prompt. If you want to submit a video, either of your own videography or by using the professional PennFaces videographer free of charge, please email pennfaces@gmail.com and we will post your video for you or put you in contact with our videographer. We accept work in all art forms - photography, videography, written work, music, whatever means you use to express yourself. 



What if I want to share a story but don't want my name attached to it?


You can submit your story either with your name attached or anonymously. 



How do I get in touch with the professional PennFaces videographer if I want them to shoot a video for me?


Please contact pennfaces@gmail.com and we will put you in contact with our videographer! PS: It's free of charge. 


What if I want to share an event, article, or resource that the Penn community should take advantage of? 


Please contact pennfaces@gmail.com and we will share your suggestions on our website under the appropriate page!



Is PennFaces open to collaboration with different campus groups?


Yes, absolutely! We want to work with as many groups as possible and share as many voices and stories as possible. Please contact pennfaces@gmail.com so we can get to work on a collaboration!